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Product Ref Dia Shape Cert Cert No. Total (Wt) Colour Clarity Cut Polish Symmetry Fluorescence Dimensions Price (Per Carat)
EKH1960 OVAL GIA 6342638262 0.30ct D SI1 EX VG VG N 5.31-3.81x2.31 $1,298.00
EKH1950 OVAL GIA 2346550229 0.30ct D SI1 VG EX VG M 5.70-3.73x2.23 $1,156.00
EKH2067 OVAL GIA 2356232891 0.30ct D SI1 EX VG GD N 5.17-3.84x2.41 $0.00
EKH2069 OVAL GIA 7353372682 0.30ct D SI1 EX EX VG N 5.39-3.80x2.28 $0.00
EKH2071 OVAL GIA 6352387752 0.30ct E SI2 VG GD GD F 5.56-3.62x2.25 $0.00
EKH1956 OVAL GIA 7343496853 0.30ct F SI2 EX EX GD N 5.34-3.69x2.30 $1,021.00
EKH2068 OVAL GIA 5353233452 0.30ct F VS1 EX EX VG N 5.35-3.83x2.35 $0.00
EKH2057 OVAL GIA 6355113315 0.30ct F VS1 EX EX GD N 5.22-3.92x2.36 $0.00
EKH2079 OVAL GIA 2215001667 0.30ct F VS2 VG GD GD N 5.47-3.68x2.21 $0.00
EKH2078 OVAL GIA 6217001016 0.30ct F VS2 EX VG GD F 5.24-3.88x2.27 $0.00
EKH2066 OVAL GIA 6351233657 0.31ct D SI1 EX VG VG N 5.59-3.86x2.26 $0.00
EKH2056 OVAL GIA 1358093105 0.31ct E VS1 VG VG GD N 5.07-3.83x2.44 $0.00
EKH2077 OVAL GIA 2211000913 0.32ct F VS2 EX GD GD N 5.66-3.66x2.36 $0.00
EKH2076 OVAL GIA 6217001624 0.32ct G VS2 EX VG GD N 5.75-3.70x2.23 $0.00
EKH1955 OVAL GIA 2344588600 0.33ct D SI1 EX VG VG F 5.80-3.84x2.29 $1,290.00
EKH2072 OVAL GIA 7356386366 0.33ct E SI1 EX VG GD N 5.61-3.83x2.33 $0.00
EKH2064 OVAL GIA 7353263551 0.33ct E VS1 EX EX VG F 5.94-3.79x2.34 $0.00
EKH2059 OVAL GIA 6352253109 0.34ct E VS2 EX VG VG N 5.26-4.18x2.43 $0.00
EKH2063 OVAL GIA 5353253132 0.35ct D VS2 EX GD VG N 5.46-4.05x2.48 $0.00
EKH2070 OVAL GIA 1358258635 0.35ct G VS1 EX EX VG N 5.91-3.93x2.37 $0.00
EKH1946 OVAL GIA 2346437466 0.36ct D SI1 EX VG VG M 6.09-3.95x2.39 $1,201.00
EKH2053 OVAL GIA 2203895696 0.39ct F VS1 EX EX GD N 5.83-4.23x2.48 $0.00
EKH2061 OVAL GIA 1358222474 0.40ct D SI1 VG VG GD N 5.60-4.14x2.59 $0.00
EKH2062 OVAL GIA 2357253086 0.40ct D SI1 VG EX VG N 5.61-4.18x2.66 $0.00
EKH2051 OVAL GIA 3345725202 0.40ct D SI1 EX VG GD N 5.60-4.17x2.60 $0.00
EKH2054 OVAL GIA 5202925443 0.40ct D SI1 VG EX GD N 6.43-4.13x2.37 $0.00
EKH2075 OVAL GIA 6213000877 0.40ct D SI1 EX VG GD N 5.72-4.29x2.51 $0.00
EKH2055 OVAL GIA 6351032515 0.40ct D SI1 EX EX VG N 6.20-4.23x2.45 $0.00
EKH2058 OVAL GIA 5201934874 0.40ct D SI2 EX EX GD N 5.91-4.18x2.57 $0.00
EKH2049 OVAL GIA 6341713103 0.40ct D VVS2 EX VG VG F 5.74-4.28x2.54 $0.00
EKH2065 OVAL GIA 5353244721 0.40ct E SI1 EX EX VG M 5.78-4.23x2.54 $0.00
EKH1964 OVAL GIA 6345725899 0.40ct E SI2 EX VG VG M 5.98-4.18x2.55 $1,219.00
EKH2047 OVAL GIA 2347478351 0.40ct E VVS1 EX VG VG F 5.60-4.18x2.62 $0.00
EKH1961 OVAL GIA 1348624723 0.40ct F SI2 EX VG VG N 5.91-4.29x2.58 $1,238.00
EKH2073 OVAL GIA 5211001671 0.40ct F SI2 EX EX GD N 6.05-4.24x2.54 $0.00
EKH2052 OVAL GIA 7343817288 0.40ct F VVS2 EX VG GD M 6.16-4.21x2.47 $0.00
EKH2060 OVAL GIA 1357219985 0.41ct D SI1 EX EX GD N 5.63-4.18x2.63 $0.00
EKH1933 OVAL GIA 2347091736 0.41ct E SI1 EX VG GD N 6.35-4.02x2.51 $1,062.00
EKH2048 OVAL GIA 2344493776 0.42ct E VS2 EX VG GD N 5.60-4.27x2.70 $0.00
EKH2050 OVAL GIA 1349727625 0.42ct E VVS2 EX VG VG M 5.94-4.24x2.67 $0.00
EKH1954 OVAL GIA 5346588427 0.43ct D SI2 EX GD FR F 6.08-4.17x2.77 $1,132.00
EKH2074 OVAL GIA 2211001160 0.44ct F SI1 EX EX VG N 6.32-4.38x2.51 $0.00
EKH1938 OVAL GIA 6342262271 0.50ct D SI1 EX EX VG F 6.47-4.37x2.70 $1,625.00
EKH1953 OVAL GIA 2344588626 0.50ct D SI1 EX GD GD N 6.70-4.40x2.70 $1,476.00
EKH2198 OVAL GIA 6213073974 0.50ct D SI1 EX EX GD F 6.60-4.42x2.72 $1,437.67
EKH2190 OVAL GIA 2211068221 0.50ct D SI2 EX EX VG N 6.30-4.48x2.75 $1,509.18
EKH1948 OVAL GIA 2346517099 0.50ct E SI1 EX VG VG F 6.79-4.30x2.71 $1,679.00
EKH1940 OVAL GIA 5346323134 0.50ct E SI1 VG EX VG N 6.15-4.49x2.79 $1,624.00
EKH2197 OVAL GIA 2357413482 0.50ct E SI1 EX EX VG N 6.13-4.53x2.81 $1,552.12
EKH2195 OVAL GIA 5212074206 0.50ct F SI1 EX EX GD N 6.27-4.46x2.73 $1,457.79
EKH2202 OVAL GIA 1358769140 0.50ct F SI2 EX VG GD N 6.46-4.44x2.69 $1,357.44
EKH2193 OVAL GIA 2215073968 0.50ct F SI2 EX VG GD N 6.51-4.38x2.71 $1,338.14
EKH2201 OVAL GIA 7353780103 0.50ct F SI2 EX VG VG F 6.13-4.50x2.81 $1,378.65
EKH1951 OVAL GIA 6341605946 0.51ct D SI1 EX EX VG F 6.19-4.62x2.89 $1,851.00
EKH2194 OVAL GIA 2356628765 0.51ct D SI2 EX VG VG F 6.20-4.57x2.78 $1,446.89
BBJ1754 OVAL GIA 3355516831 0.51ct E SI1 ID VG VG N 6.35 x 4.56 x 2.78 $0.00
EKH2185 OVAL GIA 5212031624 0.51ct F SI2 EX EX VG N 6.46-4.71x2.71 $1,267.09
EKH1941 OVAL GIA 2346218480 0.52ct F.L.YL SI1 EX VG GD F 5.51-4.34x2.87 $1,284.00
BBJ1755 OVAL GIA 2358517080 0.52ct G SI1 EX EX VG N 6.70 x 4.59 x 2.69 $0.00
EKH2196 OVAL GIA 2356441074 0.53ct E SI1 EX VG VG N 6.77-4.60x2.69 $1,552.12
EKH2192 OVAL GIA 6352627402 0.53ct F SI2 EX EX VG N 6.19-4.60x2.87 $1,359.14
EKH2199 OVAL GIA 2213070819 0.56ct F SI2 EX EX VG F 6.44-4.69x2.95 $1,304.63
EKH1939 OVAL GIA 6342326057 0.59ct D SI2 EX EX GD N 7.21-4.65x2.80 $1,560.00
EKH2187 OVAL GIA 6352412440 0.60ct E SI1 EX EX GD N 6.54-4.82x3.02 $1,618.78
BBJ1757 OVAL GIA 6352517062 0.60ct F SI1 EX VG VG N 6.69 x 4.85 x 3.04 $0.00
BBJ1756 OVAL GIA 5353475296 0.60ct F VS2 EX VG VG M 6.67 x 4.85 x 2.88 $0.00
EKH1936 OVAL GIA 1349083053 0.66ct F.YL VS1 EX EX VG N 6.18-4.51x2.95 $1,598.00
EKH1958 OVAL GIA 1348624031 0.70ct D SI1 GD VG GD N 7.11-4.84x3.17 $2,326.00
EKH1942 OVAL GIA 7341408567 0.70ct D SI1 EX VG VG N 7.42-5.09x2.93 $2,448.00
EKH1943 OVAL GIA 2344421992 0.70ct D SI1 EX EX GD N 6.97-5.13x3.12 $2,120.00
EKH1945 OVAL GIA 1343457514 0.70ct D SI2 EX VG VG F 7.27-5.02x3.11 $1,891.00
EKH1949 OVAL GIA 7342555971 0.70ct D SI2 EX EX VG F 6.88-5.05x3.18 $1,944.00
EKH1937 OVAL GIA 2348199721 0.70ct E SI1 EX EX EX F 6.80-5.07x3.20 $2,343.00
EKH2200 OVAL GIA 5353782163 0.70ct E SI1 EX EX EX F 7.14-4.91x3.05 $2,379.56
BBJ1758 OVAL GIA 6331345496 0.70ct E SI1 VG VG VG M 7.24 x 5.00 x 3.05 $0.00
EKH2188 OVAL GIA 1358702060 0.70ct F SI1 EX VG VG N 7.33-4.97x3.05 $2,290.68
EKH2189 OVAL GIA 6217063011 0.70ct F SI1 EX EX VG F 6.77-5.01x3.15 $2,108.88
BBJ1759 OVAL GIA 7356517165 0.70ct F SI2 VG EX EX N 6.81 x 4.94 x 3.26 $0.00
EKH1963 OVAL GIA 1349720189 0.71ct E SI2 EX EX EX F 6.92-5.15x3.18 $1,961.00
EKH1935 OVAL GIA 7346083121 0.72ct F.I.YL IF EX EX GD N 6.77-4.68x3.00 $2,218.00
EKH2186 OVAL GIA 6352413219 0.72ct F SI2 EX VG GD N 7.46-5.05x3.12 $1,908.90
EKH2191 OVAL GIA 6214074149 0.76ct E SI1 EX EX VG N 7.07-5.17x3.23 $2,417.94
EKH1947 OVAL GIA 5343478368 0.76ct E SI2 EX EX VG F 7.28-4.98x3.11 $2,103.00
EKH1944 OVAL GIA 5346454214 0.80ct D SI1 EX EX VG N 7.09-5.28x3.31 $2,700.00
EKH2114 OVAL GIA 6352649837 0.80ct D SI2 EX EX VG N 7.52-5.18x3.20 $2,740.00
EKH1959 OVAL GIA 6342653574 0.90ct D SI1 GD EX GD N 8.08-5.28x3.17 $2,740.00
EKH1934 OVAL GIA 7333999799 0.90ct E SI1 VG EX FR F 7.42-5.57x3.46 $2,557.00
EKH1952 OVAL GIA 2346629223 0.90ct E SI1 EX EX VG F 7.58-5.44x3.35 $3,447.00
EKH2112 OVAL GIA 7352189827 0.90ct E SI1 EX VG VG N 7.46-5.57x3.36 $3,091.00
EKH1957 OVAL GIA 3345630748 0.90ct E SI2 EX EX VG N 7.66-5.56x3.31 $2,888.00
EKH1962 OVAL GIA 5343721078 0.90ct E SI2 EX VG VG F 7.61-5.52x3.42 $2,849.00
EKH2113 OVAL GIA 7353508357 0.90ct F SI1 EX VG VG M 7.45-5.52x3.39 $2,977.00
EKH1988 OVAL GIA 2347555105 0.96ct D SI2 VG EX VG F 8.10-5.32x3.36 $2,954.00
EKH1991 OVAL GIA 1347377125 0.96ct D SI2 EX EX EX N 7.96-5.64x3.33 $3,015.00
EKH1992 OVAL GIA 6341190566 1.00ct D SI2 EX EX VG F 8.37-5.62x3.36 $3,400.00
EKH1993 OVAL GIA 1338971052 1.06ct F.YL SI2 EX EX G M 7.37-5.25x3.44 $1,817.00
EKH1987 OVAL GIA 6342409762 1.20ct D SI1 GD EX VG F 8.96-5.57x3.60 $4,239.00
EKH2121 OVAL GIA 2213037960 1.29ct D SI2 EX EX EX M 8.40-6.22x3.92 $4,351.00
EKH2120 OVAL GIA 5212014406 1.29ct E SI2 EX EX EX M 8.27-6.20x3.80 $4,189.00
EKH2210 OVAL GIA 2215064328 1.50ct E SI2 VG EX VG N 8.69-6.39x4.02 $4,762.73
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