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Product Ref Dia Shape Cert Cert No. Total (Wt) Colour Clarity Cut Polish Symmetry Fluorescence Dimensions Price (Per Carat)
EKH2116 MARQ GIA 2211006271 0.40ct E SI1 EX VG VG N 7.53-3.95x2.39 $1,440.00
EKH2115 MARQ GIA 1359220282 0.40ct F SI1 EX VG VG N 7.42-4.04x2.32 $1,428.00
EKH2203 MARQ GIA 5353555214 0.50ct D SI1 EX EX VG N 7.63-4.23x2.65 $1,488.40
EKH2207 MARQ GIA 6213069686 0.50ct F SI1 EX EX GD N 8.87-4.05x2.49 $1,527.12
EKH2204 MARQ GIA 6352423528 0.50ct G SI1 EX EX VG F 8.36-4.11x2.59 $1,460.01
EKH2206 MARQ GIA 6217061351 0.50ct G SI2 EX EX VG N 7.88-4.23x2.49 $1,326.33
EKH2205 MARQ GIA 1359707531 0.59ct D SI1 EX EX VG N 8.10-4.47x2.79 $1,638.65
EKH2208 MARQ GIA 2215081931 0.60ct D SI1 EX EX EX N 8.60-4.55x2.70 $2,034.61
EKH1965 MARQ GIA 5346563917 0.90ct D SI2 EX VG VG N 9.18-5.06x3.13 $2,854.00
EKH1966 MARQ GIA 5346632252 0.90ct E SI1 EX EX VG F 10.68-4.92x2.81 $3,465.00
EKH2211 MARQ GIA 7358773168 0.98ct D SI2 EX VG VG N 9.46-5.23x3.30 $2,787.60
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