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Product Ref Dia Shape Cert Cert No. Total (Wt) Colour Clarity Cut Polish Symmetry Fluorescence Dimensions Price (Per Carat)
EKH2082 CUSH GIA 6345586695 0.44ct F.YL VS1 EX EX VG F 4.32-4.19x2.79 $0.00
EKH2084 CUSH GIA 6341672327 0.51ct F.YL VS2 EX EX VG M 4.52-4.45x2.99 $0.00
EKH1984 CUSH GIA 6331499146 0.71ct F.I.YL SI1 EX EX GD F 5.01-4.96x3.32 $1,313.00
EKH2118 CUSH GIA 7341447098 0.71ct F.L.YL VS1 EX VG GD F 5.02-4.93x3.28 $1,425.00
EKH2080 CUSH GIA 6345084635 0.72ct F.YL SI2 EX EX VG F 5.07-5.01x3.38 $0.00
EKH2081 CUSH GIA 3345082526 0.74ct F.YL VS1 EX VG VG F 5.04-4.82x3.26 $0.00
EKH2085 CUSH GIA 5343649499 0.76ct F.YL VS1 EX EX GD M 5.23-5.00x3.35 $0.00
EKH2083 CUSH GIA 6342672298 0.90ct F.L.YL VVS2 EX VG GD M 5.43-5.37x3.61 $0.00
EKH1998 CUSH GIA 2347513150 1.00ct E SI2 EX EX VG F 5.84-5.46x3.69 $2,242.00
EKH2127 CUSH GIA 6352150860 1.00ct E SI2 EX EX VG N 5.82-5.58x3.71 $2,376.00
EKH2122 CUSH GIA 5202945134 1.00ct G SI2 EX EX VG F 5.73-5.57x3.73 $1,954.00
EKH1999 CUSH GIA 6204655376 1.01ct F.I.YL I1 EX EX VG ST 5.96-5.78x3.51 $1,603.00
EKH2124 CUSH GIA 1349530743 1.02ct F.YL SI2 EX EX VG F 5.72-5.56x3.73 $2,343.00
EKH2123 CUSH GIA 1349327237 1.20ct E VS2 VG EX G N 6.16-5.67x3.97 $3,201.00
EKH1995 CUSH GIA 6342339461 1.20ct F.L.YL SI1 EX VG G F 6.35-5.55x3.78 $2,090.00
EKH1996 CUSH GIA 5201703145 1.24ct F.L.YL I1 EX EX VG N 6.25-5.64x3.81 $1,294.00
EKH1994 CUSH GIA 6342312681 1.29ct D SI2 EX EX VG F 6.43-5.95x4.03 $3,243.00
EKH2125 CUSH GIA 6342983472 1.50ct F.YL SI2 EX EX GD M 6.81-6.15x4.15 $2,771.00
EKH2088 CUSH GIA 1343440615 1.55ct F.L.YL SI2 EX EX VG N 7.14-6.08x4.06 $0.00
EKH2126 CUSH GIA 6345549840 1.75ct F.I.YL I1 EX EX VG F 6.58-6.56x4.45 $3,843.00
EKH1997 CUSH GIA 6341225687 2.54ct F.YL SI2 EX EX VG N 8.57-7.01x4.72 $4,069.00
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