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Product Ref Dia Shape Cert Cert No. Total (Wt) Colour Clarity Cut Polish Symmetry Fluorescence
EKH1960 OVAL GIA 6342638262 0.30ct SI1
EKH1950 OVAL GIA 2346550229 0.30ct SI1
EKH1956 OVAL GIA 7343496853 0.30ct SI2
EKH1955 OVAL GIA 2344588600 0.33ct SI1
EKH1946 OVAL GIA 2346437466 0.36ct SI1
EKH1964 OVAL GIA 6345725899 0.40ct SI2
EKH1961 OVAL GIA 1348624723 0.40ct SI2
EKH1933 OVAL GIA 2347091736 0.41ct SI1
EKH1954 OVAL GIA 5346588427 0.43ct SI2
EKH1953 OVAL GIA 2344588626 0.50ct SI1
EKH1938 OVAL GIA 6342262271 0.50ct SI1
EKH1948 OVAL GIA 2346517099 0.50ct SI1
EKH1940 OVAL GIA 5346323134 0.50ct SI1
EKH1951 OVAL GIA 6341605946 0.51ct SI1
EKH1941 OVAL GIA 2346218480 0.52ct SI1
EKH1939 OVAL GIA 6342326057 0.59ct SI2
EKH1936 OVAL GIA 1349083053 0.66ct VS1
EKH1943 OVAL GIA 2344421992 0.70ct SI1
EKH1958 OVAL GIA 1348624031 0.70ct SI1
EKH1942 OVAL GIA 7341408567 0.70ct SI1
EKH1945 OVAL GIA 1343457514 0.70ct SI2
EKH1949 OVAL GIA 7342555971 0.70ct SI2
EKH1937 OVAL GIA 2348199721 0.70ct SI1
EKH1963 OVAL GIA 1349720189 0.71ct SI2
EKH1935 OVAL GIA 7346083121 0.72ct IF
EKH1947 OVAL GIA 5343478368 0.76ct SI2
EKH1944 OVAL GIA 5346454214 0.80ct SI1
EKH1959 OVAL GIA 6342653574 0.90ct SI1
EKH1934 OVAL GIA 7333999799 0.90ct SI1
EKH1952 OVAL GIA 2346629223 0.90ct SI1
EKH1957 OVAL GIA 3345630748 0.90ct SI2
EKH1962 OVAL GIA 5343721078 0.90ct SI2
EKH1988 OVAL GIA 2347555105 0.96ct SI2
EKH1991 OVAL GIA 1347377125 0.96ct SI2
EKH1992 OVAL GIA 6341190566 1.00ct SI2
EKH1993 OVAL GIA 1338971052 1.06ct SI2
EKH1987 OVAL GIA 6342409762 1.20ct SI1
EKH1990 OVAL GIA 6342585150 2.01ct SI2
EKH1989 OVAL IGI 395948208 1.00ct SI2
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