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Product Ref Dia Shape Cert Cert No. Total (Wt) Colour Clarity Cut Polish Symmetry Fluorescence
EKH1973 OCT GIA 7348318755 0.40ct VS2
EKH1974 OCT GIA 6341395238 0.40ct VS2
EKH1972 OCT GIA 5346307199 0.41ct VS1
EKH1978 OCT GIA 3345518229 0.42ct VS2
EKH1968 OCT GIA 6341203283 0.43ct VS2
EKH1970 OCT GIA 5346291755 0.50ct VS1
EKH1971 OCT GIA 6342299602 0.50ct VS1
EKH1980 OCT GIA 6342605102 0.50ct VS1
EKH1977 OCT GIA 7342475496 0.50ct VS1
EKH1969 OCT GIA 6341253950 0.50ct VS1
EKH1982 OCT GIA 2344713407 0.50ct VS1
EKH1967 OCT GIA 6341195325 0.50ct VS1
EKH1976 OCT GIA 2344441879 0.51ct VS1
EKH1979 OCT GIA 5343548920 0.51ct VS1
EKH1983 OCT GIA 7346713421 0.52ct VVS2
EKH1975 OCT GIA 1348446469 0.63ct SI1
EKH1981 OCT GIA 6341723392 0.65ct VS2
NEV754 OCT GIA 6204839727 1.20ct VS1
BBJ1707 OCT IGI 407993877 0.40ct SI2
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